World’s Greatest Dad

9 06 2010

Here we have a lovely little situation to kick off the inaugural post of WHAT NOT TO DO. This asshole from Winter Park Florida apparently thought it was a good idea to fight a 15 year old, not only just fight a 15 year old but what better place to have the rumble than in public in front of your peers and little children! Seriously dude, I’d love to know what your exact thought process was during that decision time. I think it went something like this….

“that fucking lil shit just beat up my son!”
“I can’t have my family embarrassed like this!”
“I’m gonna hammer his ass and teach that lil shit a lesson!”

He then preceded to run across the ice to the penalty box where this kid was trapped because of a fighting major against this douche’s son.

After breaking it down, I was wrong, this is just a great example of parenting in this fine country. Don’t teach your son to handle himself like a man, just handle it for him even if it means beating the shit out of a 15 year old boy. Job well done sir, job well done indeed.
This America is the face of class….



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