Golden how stoned were you bro??

29 07 2010

Seriously dude, WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU THINKING? It’s 3 AM you’ve had a heavy night of drinking under your belt, I’ve been there I feel ya, been in that situation on many occasions. But the next step is something where you got to wake the fuck up and realize what is at stake. First if you are gonna pull this move, you gotta plan it out, this can be difficult while shitcocked drunk, but it is far from impossible. Simply have those leaches that are your friends, that have no stake in the NFL and are basically there just to be your bitch, have them break into the bakery. 3 AM, back from the bars, blazing a bit, got the munchies, fine. But why do you, the recognizable member of the group decide to break in? That’s the one I’ll never understand, wake the fuck up and don’t do it yourself bro.




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