Let’s hope Iggy kills it for team USA.

29 07 2010

Let’s all raise an ale in hopes that Andre Igoudala plays like the second fucking coming of Michael Jordan this summer. Let’s hope he gets the attention of the entire league, let’s hope Sportscenter is craving Iggy’s nuts every night on top plays. I want Igoudala shooting 50% from beyond the arc, I want him to step up and be a stud for USA Basketball.

Then I want the Sixers to trade his ass off to some desperate team in the NBA of which there is always a plethora of. If I was Ed Stefanski, on the night of “The Decision” on ESPN there would have been many calls placed to that assbag Dan Gilbert in Cleveland (side note: man up you pussy). The couldn’t be more desperate to revive a suffering town and more so financial stability Lebron brought to the downtown Cleveland area, STRIKE WHILE THE IRON IS HOT!

Ladies & Gentlemen, raise your PBR’s and have a little toast to the SUMMER OF IGGY!
There’s hope….http://www.rotoworld.com/content/playerpages/playerbreakingnews.asp?sport=NBA&id=1049&line=138203&spln=1




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