Let’s Hope the Phillies found their GROOVE

29 07 2010

The breaks are finally starting to fall the Phillies way. During the losing skid, NOTHING went the Phillies way, the stupid fucking little things that are sometimes the difference between winning and losing weren’t going their way. After watching the game yesterday and seeing some breaks finally go the Phillies way, some deep grumbling in my gut tells me something has swayed. Baseball is a weird game where sometimes there seems to be a karma type force that is bigger than a players AVG or OBP or how many K’s per 9 innings a pitcher has. As of tonight the Phillies are 3.5 games back after the Nationals dick slapped the Braves. The team has now won their last 10 games at home and even Brad Lidge is getting out of the tight situations!


Since original post, everyone in the National League has since shit themselves. I’m talking literally shit, shit all over themselves, disgusting I know. But it’s true the Phillies have acquired Roy Oswalt for next to nothing, JA Happ and some prospects, oh yeah and they’re gonna pay half his twenty three million still owed through 2010. Is this real life?




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