Pitino is a two pump chump!!!

29 07 2010

Let’s all take a minute and have a collective laugh at the expense of Rick Pitino, king DOUCHE….

Seriously bro, paying 5.5. million wasn’t worth it to you for everyone in the country to not know your a two pump chump? A check would have been cut immediately to that whore. Pitino seriously bro, ever heard of flogging the dolphin or whacking the mole every once in a while? Take care of yourself every now and again so you don’t exit the party early Holmes, you feel me?

This woman I can guarantee would have settled for less than the outrageous 5.5 million she asked for, you could have slide her an easy $500,000 and you would have never heard peep out of her. Now the whole country knows you need some dick numbing lube just to make it past the one minute mark. The signs in college arenas next year will be priceless. Think about it during the time it takes one college offensive possession, Pitino could have banged out two chicks in that time period.

Is this shit ballin? or pathetic? I’ll let you be the judge……



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