Where have all the baseball fans gone?

30 07 2010


Part of me misses the days at old shitty Veterans Stadium when you could walk up 10 minutes prior to the game and buy a decent seat in the lower level. These days douchebags like this are the ones buying the tickets up and apparently bringing their Macbook Pros to the game with them. There is nothing and I mean NOTHING this guy can say to justify this move. I don’t care if Miranda Kerr is doing a private chat room strip show for you (actually, that one might pass) but this man is in serious violation.

He could not have executed this move alone, his boys or people sitting with him at the game had to have known about this move and it was also their responsibility to put an end to this nonsense. Pass your ticket on to someone who actually wants to be there bro. The Phillies winning the World Series was a great thing don’t get me wrong but the amount of bandwagon fans that have emerged is reaching a frightening level. For example, besides this ass-bag with the computer, the people that sit behind the dugouts in the sight lines of the camera that are on their cellphones waving and dancing and acting like tools. People are not watching the game to see you, I don’t care about you, you annoy the shit out of me and I can guarantee you that your friends that your on the phone with don’t GIVE A SHIT! Knock it the fuck off and act like your there to enjoy a baseball game in your great seats.




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