FX is DOMINATING the comedy scene

4 08 2010

The funniest shows on television are all lining up nicely on one network for me, FX.

Haha, there is no box. Today was a great day, today I found out that the network FX was smart enough to renew the funniest show on television for a second year. Louie, FX’s new comedy based on the life of comedian Louis C.K. is shocking breath of dirty air from the comedian. I suggest you all set your DVR’s or get onDEMAND and check this shit out immediately! It is part drama, part reality, and part sitcom, whatever the fuck it is, it works. Great stand-up he is able to transistion into a great sitcom, the show is essentially Seinfeld only in the year 2010.

And Louie isn’t even their best comedy, that title goes to It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia. Sunny has been the funniest show on television for the past five seasons hands down. It is so dear to me that I judge people’s character by this show. If you can’t see the brilliant comedic beast that is Its Always Sunny then you might as well be dead to me. I needn’t say any more about this show, that last sentence sums that up.

Last year they introduced the show The League. Upon first hearing of the premise of the show, my first thought was FAIL, a failure of epic proportions. FX really made me bend over and take that thought dry up the backside. The show thoroughly impressed the shit out of me, it wasn’t entirely about fantasy football, a show entirely about a fantasy league would never survive. The writers were smart enough to realize this and made it a modern show about bros, bros that play fantasy football. Very funny show.

Archer, is an animated show about a government agency of dolts. It is far from your basic animated show, wait till you see the animation, you’ll get your first animation hard on since Jessica Rabbit with the character Lana Kane (it doesn’t hurt that she strips in just about every episode). Just man up and give the show a chance.

Aside from maybe Curb Your Enthusiasm and Eastbound & Down, these four aforementioned shows fall in as the funniest shows on television, but hey Curb & Kenny Powers aren’t television, they’re HBO. FX is literally dropping Cleveland Steamers on the television world.




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