Get ready for some Tebow BULGE!

4 08 2010

How does a virgin become an underwear model?

Because Tim Tebow is that virgin. We’ve all seen the media virtually blow Tebow ever since his freshmen year championship at the University of Florida. Now I personally can’t stand Tebow but I am certainly not in the majority view point on this because Tebow has become a brand name, and perhaps the most famous college football player ever. Even the haters, i.e. myself, can not deny his success at the collegiate football level. And that success translated into Nike giving him his own shoe, an unexpected first round draft choice by the Denver Broncos and now…… underwear endorsement from Jockey. That’s right Michael Jordan, Charlie Sheen and Tim Tebro. So Tebow is now in the same company as two of the biggest womanizers the celebrity and sporting worlds have ever met.

Is he there to learn the ways of a pimp from Jordan and Sheen? Does he have a huge hog that he wants the world to see? Is he just snatching up every cent of endorsements he can get his Christian hands on? How does the Catholic Church feel about their poster boy running around television shaking his shit? My personal feeling is that Tebow will be stuffing those Jockeys with a pair of socks to make up for his unused baby dick. This is all before he’s proven himself in the NFL! He may be the biggest unproven athlete to literally put his shit out there for the world to judge. I might puke the first time I see an ad with him in a woman’s thong.




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