Is texting pictures of your dick a bro move?

4 08 2010

If you’re Brett Favre you think it is….

According to a unconfirmed report on the website Deadspin, former Jets television sideline reporter and big chested internet phenomenon Jenn Sturger is claiming that “Sir” Brett Favre texted her pictures of his wang. According to Miss Sturger several players including Mr Favre would hit on her and occasionally send her pictures of their dicks. This happens a lot with professional athletes, they have many “road pieces” that to keep in the loop will occasionally send them dong pics in the mirror. This is the first mistake, nobody wants to see that hog between your legs, not even her. If you were handling it like say the biggest pimp of all time, Tiger Woods, the chicks would be sending you naked pictures. Why give the woman who you are inevitably going to screw over ammo to use against you? Athletes can be incredibly dumb and this in itself is proof enough.

Didn’t see this one coming from the media darling Brett Favre though. I wonder how Wrangler Jeans feels about their country-boy cash cow texting out pictures of Lil’ Brett? Especially since Brett has always been painted with the “family man” brush by the media. Brett is still a “happily” married man, in case you needed a reminder after seeing his wife 12-14 times on television over the course of a game.

Sure there was the Vicodin addiction he was able to overcome early in his career, but will sponsors stand by when Lil’ Brett becomes an internet celebrity? So I ask you, is texting a picture of your dick a bro type move?

You think Brett and Visanthe Shiancoe AKA the Shiancosaurus help each other in the locker room photography department?




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