Is this real life?

10 08 2010

105 points in a 40 minute basketball game? It can’t be.

Soon to be senior guard on the Villanova University basketball team Corey Fisher is reported to have scored 105 points this past Saturday in a summer league game in New York City. Original reports had Fisher impressively scoring the points while being guarded by Toronto Raptors guard Jose Calderon, this report was false, it was indeed Jose Calderon but it was the NY street ball legend Jose Calderon and not the embarrassed NBA player. If it was the NBA player his player card should have been immediately revoked by that jerk-off David Stern. Turns out that Fisher did in fact score those 105 points! 105! Unheard of unless your name starts with Wilt. Sources are now backing the story such as Slam Magazine, Dime, and and all have confirmed the report. He attempted something in the neighborhood of 27 three pointers and made 23 of them! That’s what we call in the fucking zone. These NYC summer league games are no joke either, they’re legendary in fact even with some of the players making the Big Dance in the NBA. He had 72 second half points. Seventy fucking two! He flat out took a shit on the opposing teams chest that night. Let’s hope this translates to an impressive and final season leading the Villanova Wildcats to another Final Four.



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