Adam Schefter is drinking the Eagles kool-aid

12 08 2010

Scratch that, he is straight licking the grundel of the Eagles.

After reading his recent article on Schefter calls the Eagles draft class as good as a Ryan Howard home run. He predicts that rookie DE Brandon Graham is already the front-runner to win the Defensive Rookie of the year award, lot of pressure to put on a player we haven’t seen face off against an opposing team yet, eh Adam? Joe Banner tells you this and you run with it? He also quotes one NFL Executive as saying that “Graham will have a better career than Dwight Freeney!” Dwight fucking Freeney! The man that has sacked the QB more than anyone in the past decade? Adam, get off the kids nuts, let him play a game first. You’re getting all hot and bothered like Snooki running a train on some pickles talking about this kid, pump the brakes bro.

He left the pressure off of Nate Allen, praising him but not blowing him. He has high praise for 4th round CB Trevard Lindley who says can be the replacement player for lost CB Sheldon Brown. Again we shall see. One guy that is being hyped up around the camp and blogs everywhere is TE Clay Harbor, Schefter also believes he will make the team and make a splash.

All in all, Adam thinks that this draft class was worthy a big ol fashion tongue to the grundel. Thanks for the cleanup Adam, I was gonna take care of that in the shower tonight, but no need now!




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