Be afraid National League

12 08 2010

Chase Utley has begun swinging a bat again.

Be afraid, be very fucking afraid. Super-freak of an athlete Chase Utley is swinging the baseball bat earlier than expected. We have all seen the video of Mr Utley fielding one handed ground balls and dropping the balls in a bucket. That’s an analogy of what Chase is going to do upon his return, drop his nuts all over the National League’s chances of making the postseason. The Phillies won’t commit to a return date before September 1st, but my gut is telling me we’ll see Chase within the next two weeks. The Mets are already out of it, the Marlins were never in it and the Braves butt cheeks are so tight, Eric from True Blood couldn’t even get in there. Victorino should be back within the next week and shortly after that “Big Brown” aka Ryan Howard will resume his dominance over the months of August & September. So good luck National League, good luck indeed. With Roy Oswalt get in his routine and throwing seven scoreless innings, you don’t stand much of a chance against the big three.




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