Hardknocks life is back

12 08 2010

Literally 2 minutes into the show and this is the greatest Hardknocks ever.

“I gotta go through all this just to provide for the family” – Antonio Cromartie (while working out)

BAHAHAHAHA, the first fucking two minutes and we get blessed with this gem. Antonio Cromartie has 7 children in 5 different states. He owed $500,000 lately in past due child support payments. This is a riot.

Rex Ryan is walking around rocking the Chuck Taylor Converse’s and cursing up a storm. Fuck this, fuck that, we’re the fucking Jets, suck our nuts, fuck my in-laws. This guy is the greatest. He busts one of his assistant coaches for wearing tanning oils at practice and jogging without a shirt on. He imposes $5 fines for wearing the oil and jogging without shirts and whenever he eats a candy bar. He is the son of one of my favorite coaches all time in Buddy Ryan, so liking him was natural.

“You drink that Metamucil today? I know you ain’t regular!”………..”Shut up Nacho!”-Bart Scott

This guy is fucking hilarious, he’s got no time for bullshit, he told us that. Any guy that associates nachos and Mexican QB’s together is gotta be a guy you wanna grab a beer with. I’m looking forward to more from this nut-job.

“The Terminator” a rookie fullback out of the University of Kentucky named John Connor. Great insight into the Darell Revis negotiations with GM Myles Tennenbaum. Real behind the scenes shots of secret meetings, what’s not too like? First play from scrimmage in the “Green/White” intra-squad scrimmage; a 80 yard TD screen pass to Ladanian Tomlinson. Mark Brunell took over the job in a fucking wheelchair from Kellen Clemens for second string QB. Watching players hearts literally get crushed on television can be a tough thing to watch, two players were released this episode. This is gonna be a great season.




One response

13 08 2010

Loved the goaline sequence at the end in the rain when Chris Jenkins just goes nuts, rips off his helmet and tells the offense “This is my F*ckin drill, get the f*ck off the field!”

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