Mets closer can’t close because he’s in jail

12 08 2010

Francisco Rodriguez won’t be closing tomorrow nights game for the Mets. One thing he might be playing is slap and tickle in jail.

K-Rod is in police custody after beating the piss out of his father in law in the Mets club house following a 6-2 loss Wednesday night. K-Rod was visibly upset in the bullpen during the game, cursed out a media member, then decided to fight his father in law. The recipient of the beat down was transported to a local hospital with bruising to the face and other injuries. Every year in the months of August and September the Mets begin their well televised annual shitting of the pants. As long as Omar Minaya keeps hiring a bunch of dick bags, us here in Phillies country have noting to worry about. Stay classy Francisco, tell Tyrone to take it easy on your well moisturized Venezuelan ass.




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