Reason # 1,132 the Mets won’t win with Omar Minaya

13 08 2010

“It’s hard to stay like that [for] 100-and-something pitches that they throw,” Mr. Reyes said after the Mets’ victory. “Sometimes, you’re going to miss one or two.”-Jose Reyes

Aside from not having a closer to close games because he’s in jail, Jose Reyes lays this gem upon us. He admits to not paying attention on EVERY play? Kids in little leagues around the country would be reamed out for admitting something like this, let alone A MAJOR LEAGUE PLAYER! These ass-bags do not realize how lucky they are (pet peeve with professional athletes) to play a fucking game for millions of dollars! The least you can do is pay attention to the 3 hour game….GAME! Remember that dick-bag you’re getting paid millions to play a game. But for a Phillies fan this is pure music to my ears. I’ll be sleeping well at nights knowing I never have to worry about the Mets in September. Keep doing those brokeback GQ fashion shoots!




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