Jay Mariotti is an Assbag

23 08 2010

Nice fat face/mullet combination bro.

We’ve all seen the reports about Mariotti being a bar night-owl and always on the prowl for some “easy” targets while on the hunt.  Just two months ago he was photographed sucking face with a smokeshow.  Now Jay has been arrested this past Saturday evening for domestic abuse in California.  Reports are that post bar time around 2 am Mariotti allegedly pushed/shoved his girlfiend because he believed she was flirting with another man.

I’ve spoken with Jay in the past over the phone and the guy definitely likes to man stroke his ego, he requires constant stroking and the guy can be quite smug.  Jay tends to sometimes play the role of  “morality police” on the show Around the Horn.    Now that the tables have turned it will be interesting to see how ESPN and Jay handle this situation.

More evidence here….http://www.sportsbybrooks.com/journo-legend-on-mariottis-vile-defriend-letter-28873




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