Marcus Jordan should get f*@*ed

24 08 2010

Marcus Jordan was recently in Vegas and blew $56,000 in ONE DAY!

Seriously, you’re a college student, I know your father is one of the most successful/famous athletes EVER in the world but check in with reality every once in a while.   Usually I hate the “in this economy” argument, but seriously bro, in this fucking economy? People that meet you are instantly going to hate you and have zero respect for you.  Literally blown money, you decided that spending $21,000 at Liquid wasn’t bad enough, you followed that up by blowing $35,000 at Haze nightclub.  Plus you’re not even the legal drinking age, way to think this one through.  56 large is about triple what I make working my ass off in one year! The amount of shit you could do with that money is mind-boggling, blowing them on bottles of Grey Goose and slurs in Vegas wouldn’t even be close to the top of my list.  I hate you and I don’t even know you.

Post update: Since Marcus’ original tweet, big papa Michael Jordan has caught wind of this assbaggery and demanded that he take down the tweet and all evidence of such douche-baggery. MJ, your son walks like a douche, talks like a douche, makes his college change their sneaker contract like a douche, thinks he’s good at basketball like a douche, hasn’t worked a day in his life like a douche and spends way to much money in Vegas like a douche.  Sorry bro, but your son is a douche.



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