Miss Mexico melts d’s everywhere

24 08 2010

She won because she was the best landscaped. Rimshot!

God damn! Recently me and the old lady were down in Mexico and I was shocked how many Mexican smokeshows were down there, literally everywhere.  This was not something I expected heading into Mexico.  Apparently this is the place to go to find your future wife.  Major misconceptions in this country due to stereo-types about Mexican women.    Damn they’re hot! This Miss Mexico stole my heart last night and I’m sure will be a frequent google image search of mine. Fuck.


YOU MUST WATCH THIS LINK ALERT——>(gets really good around 2:35 mark) I felt the same way guy on the far right…..http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-HePTmrV-og&feature=player_embedded



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