This is a mind-fuck

24 08 2010

There’s no doubt on the field Stewart Bradley is a man, but why is he mind-fucking me off of it?

There is no questioning the ferocity of Stewie’s hits on the field as evidence by him demolishing Ocho Cinco last week in a preseason game, enough were Ocho had to cry about it on Twitter.  Stewart Bradley can hit, we’ve established this. But off the field….

Stewie was recently photographed in Center City riding his Vespa, nothing wrong there, (except maybe the light baby blue color) Vespa’s are very practical and fun to ride (no homo).  The violation is wearing the sweatshirt that I and most of you wore as a little child, the one your mother picked out for you on your family vacation to Disney World.  Yes that one, the black Mickey Mouse sweatshirt of him playing soccer, that one that Dave McFly wore in Back to the Future, the one that he wore while fading into non-exsistence in the family photo. 

Is Stewart Bradley simply a hipster? Tight faded jeans…check, old school 80’s sweatshirt….check, colorful bright Nike’s….check, a Vespa….check, looks like we have a full blown hipster on our hands. 

Usually a middle linebacker fits the bill of a Dick Butkus mean son-of-a-bitch mold, a hipster middle linebacker that can destroy people on the field is usualy a rariety in the National Football League.  Here’s looking forward to the season of 2010, the defense that was led by a hipster.

I never wanna write the words middle linebacker and Mickey Mouse in the same sentence again Stew.




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