Scott Barry is a tool & Roy Oswalt is the man

25 08 2010

Umpires should never become part of the game, and last night you forced yourself into the game, with no lube none the less.  Not right.

Nice meat-head stare down of a MVP bro. Give that stare to Ryan Howard in the parking lot of the stadium later and let’s see how tough you are when the crowds, TV cameras and other umps/players aren’t around to hold big Ryno back.  You would shit your pants so quickly that Depends would become a regular part of your umpiring uniform.

It’s even fine you made those terrible check swing strike calls, I can deal with that, but you’re gonna put your hands on your hips and mock a MVP player because you have a light-switch sized dick? Umpires should never really been seen or heard from during the course of game, you’re arbiters of the game, not part of it.  I shouldn’t even be writing a post about you right now because let’s be honest no one gives a shit about you until you screw the pooch, and last night you fucked the shit out of that dog and that’s not right.

Let’s hope Howard doesn’t get a suspension for charging that douche sandwich.

I think we may have found a Gold Glove left-fielder last night in Roy Oswalt.  That guy is straight business.




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