Is the NBA paying Entourage??

27 08 2010

No doubt that the NBA has suffered ratings and public image damage over the last couple years, but are they paying Entourage to make the league cool again?

In the past two weeks, Entourage has had several big name NBA cameos including Chris Bosh, Kevin Love and Mavericks owner Mark Cuban.  These scenes were so forced that Ryan Seacrest pretending he’s straight didn’t seem so forced.

In the feeble brain of David Stern, I can see where getting his league featured on a “cool” show would make the league hip again. Wrong asshole, your moves are very transparent. This made me hate you and your league even more. Your two league poster-boys right now are a rapist and a guy that needs to join a super-team just to win. Face it asshole, your league is in trouble and getting Chris Bosh in a scene with Turtle isn’t gonna fix that image.




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