Roy Halladay is a gentlemen

27 08 2010

Seriously does it get more classy than Roy Halladay? Nope.

Roy Halladay was honored down at Citizen’s Bank Park yesterday before his start in memory of his perfect game against the Marlins.  How does Roy celebrate it; by soaking all the lime-light himself? Absolutely not.  He made sure to acknowledge that there was no way he did this alone.  He bought $1,500 Baume & Mercier watches for EVERYONE on the team, literally everyone, the bat-boy, the club house managers, everyone. 53 in total.

He also went out of his way to get a special gift for one special catcher, Carlos Ruiz.  Roy got Carlos a special world series-esque ring….(….with the inscription inside the ring reading “I couldn’t have done this without you.”  What is classier than this? Well a lot of shit actually, but in professional sports this kind of humility in a Hall of Fame pitcher is rare. Almost forgot he also have Chooch the home plate from that magical day.



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