Stephen Strasburg say hello to Mark Prior and Kerry Wood

27 08 2010

See ya in 2012 Stephen, Tommy John surgery is a bitch.

For months now I’ve been hearing experts like Buster Olney and Peter Gammons say that there was some concern about Strasburg’s delivery method and how it might cause him arm injuries. Well ding, ding, ding, those guys hit the nail on the fucking head.  Strasburg’s recent MRI’s revealed torn ligaments in his elbow.

His delivery was always compared to Prior’s; a hard throwing righty with poor mechanics, and now the same surgery.  They were both always noted as having a problem with the “W” deliver method as you can see above in the photo.   Nationals front office think it will only take a year to recover from this surgery, but when dealing with the future of your franchise, why risk it? Just give him off 2011 and shoot for a 2012 dominant return.

And is it a coincidence that he was facing Phillies phenom Domonic Brown when he hurt his arm? I think not since Dom Brown mind-fucked the shit out of lil Stevie.




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