Baseball brawl…check, crazy Japanese announcers….double check

2 09 2010

This is how you call a brawl, EXCITEMENT bitches.

If this doesn’t get you excited for baseball, then you better check your pulse because this is pure baseball excitement.  Baseball at its best, governing itself.  This Nyjer Morgan was acting like a total dick-bag, deserved to be thrown at.  Breaking baseball etiquette left and right.  The guy was screaming to get plunked and Marlins pitcher Chris Volstad brought the pain.  Morgan immediately charges only to be close-lined by Wes Helms.  I’m completely on the side of the Marlins here, fuck Nyjer Morgan.  I did like how the Nationals third base coach hopped in there and mounted (no homo) Chris Volstad and started throwing some hay-makers.  That coach just earned so much street-cred in that locker room, he’s probably in the Champagne room with the players right now taking care of business.



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