Ryan Howard & Chase Utley in Guinness world record book?

2 09 2010

Yea that sounds about right.

Coming out September 15th of this fine year 2010 you will find the new Guinness World Record Book.   What you ask is so special about this usually cheesy book? The cornerstone of the Phillies franchise will be featured.  Ryan Howard (who’s picture will be in the book) will be recorded in the book as the youngest ever player to reach the 200 career HR milestone, which he did so July 17, 2009, in his 658th career game.

Remember last year’s World Series where the Phillies bats disappeared except for one? That one bat that didn’t disappear was Mr. Crisco Hair Chase Utley.  He pretty much shit on the city of New York, single-hand-idly.  Utley will be entered in the book under the “most HR’s hit in a World Series.”  Five HR’s in 6 games, yeah pretty fucking impressive.

Am I surprised by this…absolutely not.  The first time I saw these two in a Phillies jersey, I said to myself, these guys are gonna end up in the record books one day.  Just call me Brostradamus.




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