Brandon Spikes likes internet sex, more than he likes $60,000

3 09 2010

Patriots rookie linebacker Brandon Spikes has decided that blow-jobs on chat roulette are more important than $60,000 from Reebok. (NSFW link coming later in post)

Does that look like the face of a guy that would make poor business moves?  At least he didn’t make a mistake with his co-star, that girl is absolute angel, she makes bro’s wanna lock their dicks up in Guantanamo and have it tortured.  Damn good work Brandon.  But sex on chat roulette? Why you putting your big hog out there for free? Start slinging sex tapes bro. Here’s your first title…A Gator destroys a Clam.  Come on man, Vivid Video would make you rich.

And now comes the rumors that Reebok was close to signing Brandon to a $60,000 endorsement deal with the shoe company, this coming from Spikes’ agent.  Now Reebok has come out and said no deal was ever close and if I’m Reebok you bet your ass I’m denying ever signing this wanna-be porn star.  Come to think of it he doesn’t even have to change his name to be a porn-star, Brandon Spikes will do just fine.  Bottom line: make better business decisions bro, don’t give the hog away for free, sell that shit!

NSFW Link: (




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