Houston WR Suing Conference USA & Marshall University

3 09 2010

After seeing this video you might be on his side….(warning it’s a nasty broken leg)

What the fuck is that cart doing three yards off the back of the end-zone?  It is clearly too close to the field of play.  What purpose does that cart serve than fucking destroying football players legs.  I am 100% on this kid’s side, his season with a big time Division 1 football team is ruined and if he had chances of making the NFL they are now seriously hurt.  Houston has to be pissed, the kid is pissed and this injury could have been avoided.

The receiver is Patrick Edwards who had just returned to the field after recovering from ANOTHER GRUESOME LEG INJURY IN 2008!! Two nasty leg injuries in 3 years, brutal bro.  Tough pill to swallow.  One that could be much easier to deal with when your checking account is living large.  I hope this kid makes Marshall or Conference USA bend over and take it dry.  This kid deserves some compensation, hard metal equipment should never be that close to the field of play, ESPECIALLY IN THE END ZONE!!



One response

7 09 2010

I don’t like lawsuits any more than anyone else. But, there is a time and a place for everything and I think he should file a lawsuit. What moron would park a cart in the end zone? The school should be liable damages. I think the lawsuit is justified.


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