I hate to say it, but….

11 09 2010

The Green Bay Packers are a near mortal lock this weekend…

-3! That’s it? I feel like I’m missing something here.  The Packers a potential Super Bowl team and the new look Eagles take to the field this weekend.  Key words in the previous sentence, “Super Bowl potential” and “new look Eagles.”

Unproven QB (Kevin Kolb) vs. Aaron Rodgers: Advantage GB

Unproven Eagles Defense vs. Proven Packers Defense: Advantage GB

Unproven Eagles offensive line vs. Proven Packers line: Advantage GB

Eagles offensive skill players vs. Packers skill players: Push (maybe slightly towards Eagles)

Unproven LeSean McCoy vs. Ryan Grant: Advantage Ryan Grant

For some reason the national media is all over the Eagles defense as a top ten defense this year.  This is something I simply don’t see, 2 rookies are starting at crucial posistions in Nate Allen at Safety and Brandon Graham at Defensive End.  They are going to take thier lumps, not doubt about that.  The linebackers got better, but covering the opposing teams TE has always been an achilles heel of this team and they face emerging star Jermichael Finley at that posistion this weekend.  Stopping the run is another weak spot of this undersized defense and it will be key in beating the Packers.   Aaron Rodgers is somewhere having a wet dream about throwing on this defense, his preseason was reDICK, completing 77% of his preseason passes.  Guy is just picking people apart left and right.  His stats are gonna get fat this weekend.  If it wasn’t for someone named Peyton, Rogers might be a front-runner for preseason NFL MVP.

I just don’t see the Eagles pulling this one off.  The Packers might win this by 12 points. Fuck.  Not a great way to start the year off, but when you reshape your entire franchise then you gotta expect some rough seas ahead.

Side pick: take the 12 points and Alabama tonight.  True freshmen QB starting for PSU tonight in Tucasloosa, forget about it, hes already mind fucked and the game hasnt even started.  Your bank accounts will thank me Monday.




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