There is no QB controversy.

17 09 2010

Let me say that again, there is no controversy.

Yes Michael Vick will start this Sunday but that DOES NOT mean there is a controversy the following week, Kevin Kolb will be the starter.  I understand that Kolb looked like a turd sandwich playing QB last Sunday but if you ever want him to succeed in Philadelphia you can not pull the rug out from under him one half into “his” teams first game.  Yes Michael Vick was exciting, yes he killed the shit out of many dogs but Vick is not the man to build a team around.

This has nothing to do with his play on the field, it has to do with the entire reason we traded Donovan McNabb.  It was the same situation the Green Bay Packers had a few years ago with Brett Favre/Aaron Rodgers.  The entire reason McNabb was traded was because the Eagles felt comfortable handing the reigns over to KOLB, say that again KOLB, i.e. not Vick.  When the decisions was made part of it was because the average age on the team is 25 years old and it would give your young team a chance to grow around its young QB.  Now after thirty minutes of shitty football people are ready to turn the team over to Vick? Relax, there is no controversy, Kevin Kolb WILL BE THE EAGLE S STARTER IN WEEK 3.




2 responses

23 09 2010

Relax, there is no controversy, Kevin Kolb WILL BE THE EAGLE’S STARTER IN WEEK 3.


29 09 2010

yea how about that. shit.

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