I want to hate Derek Jeter for this, but I can’t

18 09 2010

He did what you want your teammates to do, whatever it takes.

Coming to the plate this past week in the top of the seventh inning against division rivals Tampa Bay Rays Derek Jeter appeared to get hit by a pitch, key word “appeared.”  The umpire awarded the eventual Hall of Famer first base and Jeter put on an oscar worthy performance in selling the hit.  After slow mo instant replay, it turns out the ball never hit Jeter, it hit his bat. 

Derek Jeter’s job in that situation, trailing by one run with the heart of the order coming behind him, is to get on base. Bottom line, whatever it takes to get on base. And it worked because Curtis Granderson hit a two run home run shortly after Jeter got on base.  The Yankees ended up winning the game 3-2 which wouldn’t have happened if Jeter hadn’t gotten on base.  It turns out Jeter would betray his own mother to win a baseball game, and I like that trait in my professional athletes.  He would probably sell Minka Kelly into Eastern European sex slavery if it meant him winning another World Series. 

I want to hate this man, but I can’t, if that was Chase Utley in that situation I would drive his ass to Cooperstown myself.




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