If I were a Mets fan, I might kill myself

18 09 2010

Seriously. That team is fucked. 

You have talent out the ass, you have one of the highest payrolls around, you have an ace pitcher and a stud closer, brand new stadium and a racist GM and you suck big floppy donkey nuts.  Let’s take a look at the numbers….

Top 6 payrolls.

Yankees: $206,333,389                Win %: .605

Red Sox: $162,747,333                Win %: .558

Cubs: $146,859,000                     Win %: .449

Phillies: $141,927,381                   Win %: .588

Muts: $132,701,445                      Win %: .500

Tigers: $122,864,929                    Win %: .497

What do those payrolls tell me? That spending a lot of money doesn’t necessarily translate to wins.  It all comes down to team chemistry.  The Tigers I believe are just having a down year due to lack of pitching, the Cubs are Bartman cursed and the Mets just blow.  They gotta make some serious changes this offseason most likely starting with getting rid of team cancer Jose Reyes. 

It’s so bad in Flushing Meadows that fans are blowing up you tube with parody videos…below.




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