Atlanta Braves owner is a cry baby, ALREADY

20 09 2010

The biggest series of the year hasn’t even started yet and the Braves are already making excuses.

HAMELS-OSWALT-HALLADAY! Suck it Schuerholz. BAHAHAHAHA. Here is Schuerholz’s quote about Citiznes Bank Park….

“When they built that damn ballpark, we didn’t have a prayer. They started printing money and hitting shorter home runs,’’ Atlanta president John Schuerholz on the emergence of the Phillies as an NL East power coinciding with the team’s move into Citizens Bank Park.  [Fox Sports]

We didn’t have a prayer? Excuse me John? Wasn’t your old stadium, Fulton County Stadium nicknamed “The Launch Pad?” I’m only 28 years old and my memory isn’t the best but that was the name of your stadium correct? So shuddaupyourface!

I understand you are shitting your pants thinking about your weak lineup facing the three horsemen this week in Halladay, Oswalt & Hamels.  Remind you of a certain big 3? Glavin Smoltz and Maddox? Yea they are that fucking good.  I would be afraid too, with a roll-o-dex of excuses ready to fly.  Hope that wild-card spot is still waiting for ya because you have no shot at winning the East bro.

Oh and hear about how Charlie Manuel responded to Schuerholz’s comments…

“I tell our players, champions can play anywhere”

You just got faced Schuerholz.



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