Brandon Jacobs is a bitch

20 09 2010

Seriously dude, wasn’t it you saying in training camp that you would do whatever it was the Giants wanted you to do? Now you’re demanding a trade? Shut the fuck up.

Jacobs plans on meeting with Giants management today to request a trade out of New York.  Sweet bro.  Way to spazz out last night and throw your fucking helmet 10 rows up into the stands.  Relax dude, we know you suck, the coaches know you suck and now your teammates know you’re a whiny little bitch.  Now you’re demanding something that rarely ever happens in the league…a trade? Get real bro, you might as well get used to carrying around Ahmad Bradshaw’s jock strap for the rest of the year.

Or maybe you could just do us all a favor and retire, like you said you would….(from a 2009 interview)

“If I finish the season averaging (3.4 yards) a carry, I won’t play next year. I’ll be done,” Jacobs told ESPN Radio in New York. “That’s how much I believe in my ability.”

BAHAHAHAHA! Just fucking retire then bro, you’re toast.  This ass-bag thinks he’s Eric fucking Dickerson with that attitude.  You’ve had two just barely 1,000 yard seasons.  In ’08-’09 you had a beastly 15 TD’s but that was because they had a 3 headed monster and you were the meat-head that got the rock on the goal-line.  You have to realize that on the radar of all time great running backs, you’re not even a blip on the radar.



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