Enjoy Werth while you can

20 09 2010

Jayson Werth has officially signed on with super-douche-agent Scott Boras

According to Jim Salisbury of (http://www.csnphilly.com/) is reporting that Jayson Werth has officially signed with Scott Boras.  Boras is notorious for getting top dollar for his clients and even suggesting players hold out for more money.  Before this there was a SLIM chance that Werth stayed in Philly next year with their inflating payroll and Domonic Brown waiting in the wings things are not pointing to the beard returning to the city of Brotherly Love.

Yesterday’s 2 run walk off home-run may have just tacked on another cool million to what Werth will be making next year.  Most speculate that he will get something in the 15-20 million dollar range. Fuck.  The Phils will not spend that much.

Until yesterday Werth was about as un-clutch as anyone in the majors.  But cue pennant race, Braves win at your heels, bottom of the ninth inning and a contract on the line.  And look at that, Boras makes Werth clutch.  Funny how that happens.




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