Top Dog?

23 09 2010

In a shocker that not many saw coming, Michael Vick has been named the Eagles permanent starter for the rest of the season.

Let’s talk this out together.  Last Easter Sunday, the Eagles pulled a shocking move by trading franchise player Donovan McNabb to an in conference opponent in the Washington Redskins.  Shocking move but the ENTIRE reason the move was made was because Kevin Kolb’s contract was nearing an end and much like the Packers had done years earlier with Rodgers/Favre situation the Eagles decided to pass the reigns to KEVIN KOLB.

The entire training camp/preseason Kolb was the 1st string QB, while Michael Vick took snaps with the 2’s and occasional wildcat formations.  This is what everyone expected.  A year of learning for our new QB, a year of growth and realistically a non playoff bound season.  A season where the young QB would gain invaluable experience playing the most difficult position in sports.  A season you could build on for the future.  Shit even the rest of the offense was excited to build together with Kolb.

The opening game against the Packers Kolb got a quarter and a half of play before getting a concussion.  A game where he got 10 passing attempts, completing 5 of those attempts.  A game where Michael Vick kept coming in and disrupting Kolb’s flow.  How do you expect the guy to get in a rhythm and build a cohesion with his receivers when  you bring in another QB every other 4 plays. What the fuck do you expect?

No doubt Michael Vick played a good game against the Lions, but seriously, it’s the Lions, let’s not get to carried away.  He looked like a QB for once and not a running back that occasionally throws the ball.  I’ll give him that.  But how do you possibly give up on the guy you’ve anointed the chosen one for the past 8 months because you didn’t like what you saw in one-quarter? It’s truly a mind-fuck.  Andy Reid was always known as the players coach, the guy who would never throw a player under the bus or criticize them in public, and now this, telling a player on Monday “sorry I know I’m not speaking good English, Kevin Kolb is the starting quarterback.”  That kind of smugness suggests we were stupid for thinking otherwise. Weird shit.

Almost makes me think this decision came from above Reid’s head, this has the stench of a Joe Banner move.  Conspiracy theorists out there will say that the Eagles were trying to take some of the city spotlight away from the Phillies and their soon to be World Series run.  I think they may be a little bit concerned about their next home game in two weeks when the Eagles will welcome Donovan McNabb and the Washington Redskins to Lincoln Financial Field.  There has to be some public concern on their part about the national attention the Eagles-Redskins game will receive since McNabb is returning to Philly.  There isn’t much doubt amongst people who right now Michael Vick is the better quarterback, but that’s not what this was about.  The team isn’t good enough to win anything yet, yeah sure they might be able to sneak out a playoff berth, but we have to be realistic enough to realize the are not good enough to win a Super Bowl.  That’s what this is all about, winning a super bowl.  Not squeaking into the playoffs too start again next year with the same quarterback uncertainty.

Desean Jackson yesterday was a guest on Daily News Live on Comcast Sportsnet via Skype and found out about the Eagles decision live on-air.  His reaction pretty much summed it up….“Are you sure, or are you just messin’ with me?”

Wish I was Desean.




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