Athletes need to stop rapping

29 09 2010

Seriously, just this past week two assbag athletes decided to grace the world with the rap debuts.

Dr. Dre probably just shit himself.  If you could try to imagine the most fucked up person to deliver a rap album it might be a star athlete, super privileged his entire life that went to the most Caucasian University in the country, and that man would be JJ Redick.  Take that in for a second.  Breath.  Inhale, exhale.  Yes due for release later this year, JJ Redick’s debut rap album.  Three words for you bro. Go Fuck Yourself. Those are my thoughts on your rap album.

The other athlete to make his rap debut this year is Alexander “the caveman” Ovechkin.  According to Russian Life magazine, Alex is a huge Eminem fan and has been “in talks” with Eminem’s people about teaming up to do a duet.  Now Alex before he became rich and famous probably grew up on the hard-knock streets of Mother Russia.  Right off the bat Ovechkin already has more street-cred than that assbag Redick.  And he’s teamed up with a legitimate rapper, that’s gonna help.  Why must they pollute our ear drums with this garbage?




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