Miles Austin might have head problems

29 09 2010

Miles Austin doesn’t so much miss Kim Kardashian as much as he misses the publicity of being with her.  How could you not miss crawling between those giant breasticles and that healthy turd-cutter.

Damn. Look at that picture.  Miles, bro, how can you look at that picture and not want to torture your dick? You enjoyed sitting courtside at a Lakers game more than snuggling up Ray-J style with Kim at the end of that game? Dude you may have taken to many blows to the head.  FucK Miles Austin, you really pissed me off.  Ordinary bro’s don’t have a shot and you just dick slapped us trying to live vicariously through you.  Cowboys blow.  And it’s attitudes like this that make that true.  Cowboys don’t like having sex with Kim Kardashian, super bowl champion Saints do though.  Idiot.




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