Heee’s back

30 09 2010

This Sunday marks the return of Donovan McNabb and his crown of thorns to the city that treated him so badly for eleven years. (that was sarcasm if you couldn’t tell)

Oh poor Donovan.  Poor baby returns to the city that mistreated him.  Look, it’s as simple as this. McNabb was good but not great.  Great QB’s win Superbowls, really good ones win a lot of regular season games, make regular appearances in the playoffs and go 1-4 in NFC Championship games.  Donovan had 11 very good years here, there is no reason to boo this man.

You pay me $150 million dollars over 11 years and you can talk bad about me,  my family, my dog, my penis size, whatever  because I’ll laugh all the way to the fucking bank.  Seriously being a QB means receiving criticism.  That simple Donnie.  People weren’t out to get you.  They just want a winner.  It’s not personal so stop taking it that way.

Recently in an interview McNabb said he was still trying to figure out why he was booed on that infamous draft day. IT’S NOT THAT FUCKING HARD! It doesn’t take the hardy boys to figure this shit out.  A bus load of 30 drunk Eagles fan booed the Eagles NOT SELECTING RICKY WILLIAMS.  Most of them probably had no idea who you were. The town got all jacked up about selecting the Heisman winner from that year and were not booing you jagoff.  For 11 years and all the success and money you had, you weren’t able to get over it and that’s just plain sad.

There will be a smattering of boo’s but for the most part the hyper-sensitive McNabb will be welcomed with cheers.




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