1 10 2010

Lebron and his team of butt-sniffers in a recent CNN interview have decided that race was a factor in all the criticism he received.

Why does everything have to come back to race? This clearly had NOTHING to do with race.  It had to do with you hi-jacking ESPN for two days and then deciding to publically defecate on the city of Cleveland’s chest.  Seriously Bron, we all felt bad for your HOMETOWN city.  You were chosen to play there.  You were their saving grace. You were all they had.  You were from there, this was bigger than you, you were meant to win there. Not join up with two other superstars to ride their coattails to a championship.  Man up and do it on your own. The city of Cleveland is now going to go bankrupt, probably implode and all due to “the Decision.” You’re an asshole and it’s not because you’re black that your an asshole, you’re an asshole because of your decisions.



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