People in Cincinnati suck

1 10 2010

The Cincinnati Reds won their first division titles in 15 years yesterday, time to celebrate right!

Not so fast. Many of the Reds lit up victory stoges during the post game celebration.  Good times. But not for the miserable fucks of the Midwest.  5 or more people while “celebrating” at home decided to call the health inspector to file a complaint about the smoking ban in Cincinnati.  There is a no smoking indoors law in Cincinnati and Great American Ballpark is no exception to the rule.  How dare those guys celebrate 15 years of anguish by smoking a cigar.  The balls on them. It’s basically just baseball tradition.  How miserable must life be out there if your gonna take time out of your day to file that complaint? There’s a lot to complain about in life but let’s all be happy we don’t live in Cincinnati. Yikes.




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