When Keeping It Real Goes Wrong

1 10 2010

What happens when Kassim Osgood gets in the middle of keepin it real?

Some shit went down, that’s what happened when Jaguars WR Kassim Osgood “was just watching TV” with Jaguars cheerleader Mackenzie Rae Putnal (see below). Add one crazy ass ex-boyfriend to the mix and you have what we call “when keepin it real goes wrong.”

“I don’t like people messin on my phone!”

Kassim and Ms. Putnal were chilling around 1 am this past week, when a crazed man wielding a gun with a plastic bag over this head broke into her apartment demanding answers.  The man was Putnal’s ex, who decided that pistol whipping both victims right off the bat would be the best approach, and who’s to argue? He wanted their attention and he got it.  After pulling her hair and punching her repeatedly, he pistol whipped Osgood in the back of the neck. The classiest part of this situation was that the intruder decided to repeatedly kick and punch Putnal’s dog.  Sick move bro, you weren’t in enough shit already, just tack on an attack on animals.

What did the intruder demand to know you ask? “Did you fuck him?” Pointing a gun at both of their heads, he screamed this at them and then decided to smooth it over and bro it out by telling Putnal to “suck my dick and then suck his dick!”

The shit that happened next is something right out of Mr. and Mrs. Smith, some super-agent shit.  After sitting Osgood and Puntal down on the steps separating the second floor and ground floor, then their “chance” happened, Puntal jumped over a barrier separating the floors and landed on the ground floor and ran to a spot where she had a gun hidden.  Osgood barricaded a door with a chair and jumped out of the second story window and escaped to a neighbor’s house to call police.  Puntal, who’s gun had a laser scope on it, totally necessary, was in a showdown with the intruder.  He told her how much he loved her and then fired a shot in her direction.  In retaliation she fired a shot back and the intruder left.  Going upstairs to call police, she realized police were just arriving and exited to talk with police.  The cops went to the house of the ex boyfriend and he is still incarcerated.  Crazy fucking shit right there.

To see the public arrest files go to this site…..




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5 10 2010
brendan from chinatown

c’mon silent bro – his name is spelled kasSim osgood

6 10 2010


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