Best Move The Mets Have EVER Made

2 10 2010

The New York Mets have announced the manager Jerry Manuel and GM Omar Minaya will not be returning to ruin the team again next year. 

As a Phillies fan, this worries me.  I throughly enjoyed having those two assbags spending absurd amounts of money and getting no results.  Even when the Muts were “competitive” you always knew at the end of the year when it mattered the most, the Muts were gonna choke.  Just like taxes, it was guarenteed to happen. 

Now you have Joe Torre with a half a chubby waiting in the wings wanting the managerial job.  Already the Mets are better than last year, just by cutting the dead weight.  The Phillies are a force to fuck with so in the greater picture, the Mets still don’t mean much, but they are making strides, little baby strides.




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