The Big Stage is Here Roy

5 10 2010

You’ve been waiting for whole career for this Roy…be afraid National League.

If you saw the fire in Roy’s eyes when he had the chance to close out the division against the Washington Nationals last week, then you’ll have to double that to get Roy’s playoff intensity.  Tomorrow night Roy “Cy” Halladay will take the mound for the first time in a playoff series. Roy came to Philadelphia last off-season in a trade that seemed one sided.  Roy could have denied the trade and tested the free agent market this off-season and gotten a nicer dime than the 20 million we gave him for the next three years.  But tomorrow is why he ok’d that trade.  His loins were burning deep with a passion for the post season, and we were able to provide that relief.

These next stats of his will pretty much lock up the Cy Young award for Halladay.  Tom Verducci, the best baseball writer in the game, says that the Halladay is going to be the unanimous decision for the award.   ( Who am I to argue? These stats are AMAZING.  The award starts and ends with the statistic of MORE STARTS THAN WALKS! That is outrageous, so outrageous that only Cy Young himself was able to complete that task.  Good luck Cincinnati.

“This one is going to be unanimous. Halladay led the league in wins, shutouts, innings, complete games, walk rate and strikeout to walk ratio. And the famously demanding Halladay also reached his annual goal: more starts (33) than walks (30). Halladay (2003, 2010) joined Cy Young himself (1904, 1905) as the other pitchers to twice have more starts than walks while striking out 200 batters.”




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