Tom Brady Shops at Hot Topic

6 10 2010

Super Bowl MVP’s should NEVER wear chain wallets.

What the fuck is that shit bro? This is even an old photo, not the one I saw in the news from last night.  Tom and Gisele were out shopping and Tom was rocking the jeff cap (which is cool) but also rocking the chain wallet.  You already admitted to not cutting your hair because Gisele digs the flowing locks, but now this?

Dude, I know you have some ballahin ass suits in your closet, I’ve seen them.  Let me guess, you’ve been listening to a lot of Mighty Mighty Bosstones lately and decided that you wanted to start dressing like the bass player?

An you can all relax, I know, I know, I would wear whatever the fuck Gisele wanted me too, but me and you reading this ARE NOT three time super bowl winners and a Super Bowl MVP.  You should be wearing the pants, she doesn’t like it, fuck it, move on to the next super model bro. Wear the god damn pants.




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