Orlando Cabrera is Bitter Balls

7 10 2010

The balls on this guy.  Eat shit Orlando.

“He and the umpire threw a no-hitter. Another umpire and another zone, he wouldnt have been able to throw a game like that. Basically, he was getting every pitch. We had no chance.”

Stop whining you fucking baby.  The umpire was calling strikes, because Doc was making you look stupid.  He was painting the outside portion of the plate the entire night.  Those balls were diving bro. You didn’t stand a chance. I think Tom Verducci of Sports Illustrated said it best….

“Halladay is the Sandy Koufax of his generation.”

Thanks for shoving Cabrera’s face in it Tom.  Appreciate it since you are much more respected than some slap-dick blogger, i.e. myself.  There is nothing more to say than you got owned Orlando and I would appreciate that from now on whenever you address Cy Halladay, you refer to him as master.




One response

8 10 2010

can’t wait to hear what comes out of cabrerras mouth after the phils shell arroyo and oswalt blanks them again.

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