Roy Halladay Throws Baseballs Well

7 10 2010

If not the greatest pitching performance in baseball history than easily the second greatest performance….in the HISTORY OF THE GAME. (Larson gets the edge because it was perfect & in a World Series)

Speechless.  The man just straight brought it.  Roy heard those assholes out there saying…”oh but Roy’s never pitched in the playoffs before” and boom shoved that shit right back in your Philly hating face.

Roy has always been ready for the big stage, he just need the stage to prove it.  The man is a silverback gorilla compared to all the other Aids infested outbreak monkeys pitching in the postseason (minus Oswalt and Hamels, who the Reds still have to face).   Just pure intensity and focus.  The man doesn’t break. He doesn’t get behind in counts.  He pitches first ball strikes about 90% of the time (precisely 89.%), tonight 25 out of 28 times.  He’s the baseball equivalent of Mr Miyagi on the mound.

The Reds knew they were over-matched from the minute they took the field and saw Roy Miyagi’s eyes, and his fastballs.  His fastballs were diving left and right all night, freezing batters, as if they were on a frozen rope that he controlled like a puppeteer.  Oh yeah, some of this happened with rain.  When asked about the rain…

“I’m glad we got it in, that’s for sure”

That’s an under statement.  The biggest threat of a hit all night came from opposing long man pitcher Travis Wood.  HA! Even in the ninth inning, they were tipping balls off left and right, and this was after the man’s 110th pitches of the night.  Balls still diving! Unfortunate for that one damn walk, or he would’ve been perfect.  Part of me feels bad for Roy Oswalt having to follow this act Friday night.  He’s a man child as well so I actually just feel bad for the Reds, a talented team but they didn’t stand a chance.  Notice the past tense already.  Good hitters, but having to face what in the end may be one of the greatest three man playoff rotations this league has every encountered.  If they keep everyone together, they’ll get another chance to dance, this year they’re staring destiny in the face, and destiny is about to d slap them in the face.  Roy, thank you, that was a night we will never forget.  You’re the best pitcher in baseball, and I’m sure happy as shit you’re wearing Phillies pinstripes.





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