Jay Bruce Wins Phillies Game 2 of NLDS

9 10 2010

Thanks bro, a routine line drive that 9.9 times out of 10 any Major League player catches, but not last night…

Roy Oswalt did not have his best stuff last night, perhaps trying too hard to match Roy Halladay’s near perfect performance Wednesday night.  His breaking balls were dead and out of the zone all night, while his changeups I could’ve hit out of the stadium.  But….

Great teams can overcome those mediocre performances.  Young teams make “big stage” mistakes (i.e. Reds) and championship teams (i.e. Phillies) overcome mistakes. 

Oswalt was not helped early on in the game with two big throwing errors by Chase Utley.  Chase didn’t fold and continued plugging away and ended up making up for it with a HUGE 6th inning 2 RBI single.  He also kept it together on the base paths in the 7th when Jay Bruce gift wrapped runs when a routine line drive got by him in right field.  It was all but over at that point.  Reds were Citizen Bank Park mind fucked. That simple.

Good luck against Cole Hamels Sunday. It’s over. Cole will be dealing and the Phillies are gonna rock Johnny Cueto.  At least you won’t have to get on a plane for the rest of the season.



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