New York, Eat Shit

9 10 2010

New York City’s Mayor Bloomberg has publically stated that he is beginning to “plan” the World Series Parade for the Centaur and the rest of the Yankthese.

Is it just me or have the Yankees done this 27 times previously? Like what’s to plan? There is an armpit of America called the “Canyon of Hero’s” that has hosted several of these parades before, like just last year.  Act like you’ve been there before.  There is nothing to plan and even if there is, keep that shit under wraps.

Aside from being an asshole, what is gained by going public with these plans? Here’s hoping that Bloomberg jinxed the shit out of this hubris filled team.  You already know what to do, literally less than a year ago you did the SAME EXACT THING. 

For a team that limped into the playoffs and seems destined to play the smoking hot Texas Rangers, they’re own city seems to be talking shit on their behalf.  Joe Girardi should be putting the fear of God into the mayor’s office right about now.  The Phillies want the Yankees, and here’s hoping Mayor Bloomberg didn’t offend the baseball Gods enough to prevent them from getting there.




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