Ridiculous Internet Rumor of The Year

9 10 2010

This one was too rich not to share…

According to Ashton’s alleged mistress, Ashton and Demi have an open marriage.  Demi Moore is still wrecking dicks world wide in her 40’s and Ashton Kutcher is rich and good looking and you would think would have his pick of the litter.  Well apparently he found a woman where he can have his cake and eat some side brownies as well.  They are allegedly into all sorts of crazy sex and three ways.  With other celebrities too.

This next excerpt is coutesy of(http://www.wwtdd.com/2010/10/demi-moore-cheated-on-ashton-with-michael-phelps/)

Here are the meat and potatoes of the story…

“(Michael Phelps) was at a party with Demi, Ashton, Snoop and a couple of other celebrities.  The 4 of them and a couple of other women ended up in a room where Ashton was getting a blowjob from one of these random women with Demi next to him getting finger banged by Phelps while Snoop was across the room smoking a blunt just watching everything happen.”


It is still hard for me to believe this one, but I’m passing it along to the people.  Damn. 





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