TBS Loves Postseason Baseball & Avacados?

9 10 2010

Since watching the TBS broadcasts of Playoff baseball, I’ve seen a lot of advertisements for avacado’s?

What in the hell is up with TBS advertising this, it’s like seeing an advertisement for limes?  “Oh shit I forgot that limes even exsisted until I saw this TV spot, shit gotta go get me some limes!”  Avacados are damn delicious and awesome, but have people stopped buying them? Is there some underground anti avacado movement I’m unaware of?

And what’s with the big advertising push post guacamole season.  “Guac” is amazing in the summer, so amazing that sometimes I rub it in my chest just for fun.  So now that “guac” season is over, lets pump millions into advertising it, is that the thinking there?  And what better spokesperson to push the Avacados than John Lynch!  This campaign is a true mind-fuck, nothing about it makes sense.




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